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Canada 151: The Canadian National Conference on Innovation

As part of the Canada 151: The Canadian National Conference on Innovation, CME will host a panel on Innovation in the manufacturing sector, “Who Has Been Driving Canada’s Innovation Agenda for 147 Years? The Manufacturing Industry as the Country’s Oldest Innovation Supercluster”. Additionally, the 2018 Innovation Conference will address the following topics: women in innovation, IT, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and energy, as well as innovation superclusters, corporate innovation education, and how to develop innovation talent by creating the “Blue Zone” of Innovation nationwide.

The speakers are top leaders in the field of innovation. This is a unique opportunity to listen to great experts concerned with transforming Canada into the most innovative country in the world. They are some of the brightest minds in the country, are forward-thinking, and have impressive credentials. Canada151 offer extensive networking opportunities with innovation leaders, conference delegates, and attendees, to absorb innovation strategies and best practices, in a very special place: the Conference Hall of Invest Ottawa, the largest incubator for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the National Capital Region. Attendees can thus broaden their exposure to innovation approaches, increase their network of innovation practitioners, and apply their own insights towards further refine their own innovation trajectories.

For more information, please, visit the Conference website.


December 12th to 13th, 2018


Invest Ottawa
7, Bayview Yard
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B5