Policy Initiatives

Increasing Global Exports


CME is working to help you access new markets and expand your business in existing ones. Our priorities are: removing barriers to trade; creating a level playing field; and helping you succeed everywhere.

Why It Matters

A dynamic exporting sector is critical for our future success as a country. Exports drive growth in output and profitability. They also fuel innovation and new product development, and spark investment in new machinery, equipment and facilities.

The Challenges

Canadian manufacturers face many obstacles competing in global markets and against foreign rivals at home:

  • A lack of information about new market opportunities
  • The costs and risks associated with new business development
  • Unfamiliarity with foreign regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Non-tariff barriers and discriminatory practices in other countries
  • Non-reciprocal access to government procurement markets
  • Dumping and other unfair trading practices from their competitors
  • Transportation costs and bottlenecks that prevent timely and cost-effective delivery.

These and other issues are preventing Canadian manufacturers from exporting to their full potential and are undercutting their ability to compete at home and abroad.

On top of that, businesses are having a harder time than ever navigating international waters. Global trade uncertainty has impacted our business relationship with our most important trading partner, and is disrupting well-established supply chains.

How CME is Helping

CME is helping pave the way to your export success. Our National Policy Team is working to:

  • Lower the cost of doing business in Canada
  • Ensure trade agreements create meaningful export opportunities
  • Protect you from unfair trading practices
  • Help you find new customers
  • Make government supports more relevant and easier to access.


LAGGING EXPORTS OF MANUFACTURED GOODS (average annual growth, 2000-2017, in %)