Across Alberta, manufacturing jobs are the lifeblood of our communities.

Manufacturers are not just in big cities but fuel our small towns’ economies and our way of life. The companies and their employees support local charities, hockey, and soccer teams. They generate over 130,000 jobs and pay well above the provincial average.

And, with the right conditions, the manufacturing sector has the potential to continue bringing more prosperity to our communities to create high-paying jobs for hard-working Albertans.


Albertans want their communities to stay strong. They want to grow and prosper. They want good jobs and a secure future for their kids in their home town. That’s why it’s so important that Alberta has a manufacturing strategy.

We need a plan from the next Albertan government to make sure we can keep businesses open and create dependable jobs available close to home.

Here are 3 ways the government can help manufacturers support our communities:

  1. Introduce an “Alberta Made” matching investment tax credit or grant program to assist companies with plant expansion, upgrades, technology adoption, onshoring, re-tooling, improving environmental performance, and exporting.
  2. Work with Alberta’s manufacturers to strengthen immigration programs to meet the labour market needs of industry.
  3. Adopt a comprehensive approach to supporting Alberta’s strategic and emerging manufacturing sectors, including petrochemicals, food processing, fabricated metals, wood products, mineral value chains and machinery and electronic equipment.