A skilled and motivated workforce is critical to every organization’s success. No matter what line of business, attracting and retaining talent is essential to achieving goals and objectives.

COVID-19 and the resulting economic impact has had far reaching and varying effects on employment. While many organizations have dramatically reduced their workforce, implementing layoffs and furloughs, others are hiring to meet increased demands for products and services. High unemployment rates coupled with uncertainty about the availability and stability of work in the future has increased the importance of being able attract and retain skilled workers as businesses compete for talent.

This workshop focusses on keys to effectiveness in getting – and keeping – your most valuable asset: People.


Learning Outcomes

  • Keys to successfully attracting and retaining talent
  • How to take a proactive and holistic approach to employee attraction and retention
  • Understanding and marketing your pull
  • Recognizing stages of the Employee Lifecycle and impact on your workforce
  • How to strategically leverage workplace culture to hire, engage and keep valuable resources
  • Understand and apply leading retention strategies and practices
  • Assess and identify your specific opportunities to increase effectiveness


Who Should Participate

Leaders responsible for talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention.


Sharon Dominey is a seasoned Learning & Development Professional with 20+ years experience in leading and facilitating learning. Sharon works with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CM&E) Newfoundland & Labrador as part of the Lean Facilitator Team and is also President and owner of Smart Learning & Development Solutions.



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