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Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

After 45 years, the pulp and paper mill in The Pas, Manitoba was finally shutting down. The adjacent sawmill had been shuttered ten years prior and the small, isolated town of 5,000 (located 400 miles north of Winnipeg) braced for the final economic shock. In extreme time pressures, an AIAC affiliated company, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries (CKPI), successfully purchased the mill 3 weeks before the planned shutdown. In 18 months, the mill went from multi-million losses in 2016 to a profitable 2017 to record profitability in 2018, all of which was re-invested into the mill in the form of capex and working capital.
Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd. distributes unbleached kraft paper globally including USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Central South America, Europe, Middle East, Egypt, Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and of course Canada. Their global reach includes major developed markets for uses such as agriculture and food service, as well as emerging countries for construction and chemical applications.