CME Awards Program


Clearline Technologies

Clearline Technologies is a Winnipeg-based company that conducts business in Canada and international markets. Clearline prides itself on providing exceptional value and customer service excellence. An industry leader, Clearline products are applicable towards Leadership in Environment and Energy Design (LEED) credits and they do this without charging premium prices. Today’s customers demand high quality and innovative design at a competitive price and Clearline Technologies delivers.

Neil Krovats, Clearline’s President, CEO and owner, grew up learning the trades so the plumbing and construction industry has always been second nature to him. It began with his invention of a rooftop equipment support system made from recycled rubber tires; which he invented, patented and named the C-Port. C-Ports provide truly innovative, economical support systems for gas and refrigeration pipes, electrical conduit, ducting, roof walkways, HVAC and solar racking markets. Since then growth has been exponential and Clearline began to seek out new ventures. Its inspirational, can-do attitude is contagiously threaded throughout its culture. The company employs approximately 20 people who specialize in numerous disciplines including marketing, sales, accounting, LEAN manufacturing, operations and industrial design.