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Herb Buller (Kitchen Craft)

Herb Buller grew up in Winnipeg and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and Certificate in Education at the University of Manitoba. He taught at River East Collegiate for two years before embarking full time in his business career. Herb and his partner expanded their first business into a concrete manufacturer of sidewalk and patio blocks, precast residential stairs, and various architectural items. The business operated successfully under the name of Midland Concrete Products until the late 1980’s when it was sold to Barkman Concrete Products. In 1971, together with six partners, Herb established Kitchen Craft of Canada, which grew into sales of over 100 million dollars in 1999 when it was sold to investors. In 2004 with his four sons, Herb acquired Norcraft Companies with five manufacturing plants in the US and one in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This company employs more than 1500 employees with 200 of those in Canada. The Herb and Erna Buller Foundation is active in charitable activities around the world with emphasis in education, healthcare, orphanages and Christian camping.