Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ applaud forward progress in CETA negotiations, and look forward to implementation as soon as possible

February 15, 2017

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is pleased to see the continued progress towards the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union with the passing of the deal by the European Parliament. We support and encourage the Canadian government’s work with all remaining national governments for rapid final approval and for continued export readiness support for Canadian manufacturers.

Manufacturing Matters:

  • 1.7 million Canadian employees in 90,000 businesses
  • 11% of Canadian GDP
  • 66% of Canadian exports

CME works continuously for its members to ensure that they have access to markets across Canada and around the world to help them expand their sales and grow their businesses,” said Dennis Darby President and CEO of CME. “Since negotiations launched eight years ago, CME has been deeply involved in all stages of the process ensuring the Canadian government created an agreement that benefits Canada by creating a level and fair playing field that allows our members – Canada’s manufacturers and exporters – full access to a market of 500 million potential consumers.”

Throughout 2016, CME consulted its members on the future of manufacturing in Canada through an initiative called Industrie 2030, which detailed a strategic approach to double manufacturing output and exports by 2030. One of the five identified core pillars to achieve these targets included increasing sales in domestic and foreign markets, specifically through the signing of free and fair trade agreements that would increase exports of value-added products. Outside of the United States, our member companies identified the EU as the market with the greatest export opportunity.

Darby continued, “With only about 50 per cent of all Canadian production sold domestically, Canada’s market is simply too small for most manufacturers. They need access to foreign markets to grow. And with threats of protectionism rising globally, this is an important signal that modern trade deals can be pursued between equal partners to the benefit of all involved. We support the Government of Canada in its work with national governments across the EU for the full ratification of the deal.”

“Now that this hurdle has been cleared, CME will continue to work with governments to better enable and support our members to take advantage of CETA,” added Darby. “This includes expanding the existing export accelerator programs along with improving business supports through the trade commissioner service, Export Development Canada and other government services. This is in addition to CME’s own Enterprise Canada Network (ECN) that connects Canadian companies to more than 25,000 business opportunities across Europe.”


Since 1871, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has been helping manufacturers grow at home and, compete around the world. Our focus is to ensure manufacturers are recognized as engines for growth in the economy, with Canada acknowledged as both a global leader and innovator in advanced manufacturing and a global leader in exporting. CME is a member-driven association that directly represents more than 2,500 leading companies who account for an estimated 82 per cent of manufacturing output and 90 per cent of Canada’s exports.


Stefi Proulx
Director of Communications & Branding
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
(613) 292-6070