Artistic Skylight Domes

Lora Ferrazzo-Bourck is a managing partner of Artistic Skylight Domes second generation. She took her place at the helm of a manufacturing business in a male-dominated industry and through strong leadership has proven herself a very successful businesswoman. She has been a driving force behind the company’s growth for 23 years. While her brothers take care of manufacturing, she oversees the company’s finances and strategic business development. She is also recognized as the heart of the company, enhancing the business with her feminine perspective and unique spirit. Focused on innovation and business growth, she is leading the charge to move the business into the international market with her advisory team, she established; including Global Affairs, Trade Commissioners, Ministry of Economic Development and Growth Senior Advisor, World Trade Center Advisor and Women in International Trade.

Lora has an impressive track record as a strong advocate in industry and community associations including: Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Manufacture Exporters, Toronto Construction Association, Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association, Canadian Roofing Contractors Association, Construction Specifications Canada, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Ontario Building Envelope Council, Business Women in International Trade and Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. Lora also sits on the committee for Women in Manufacturing through Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. In addition, Lora attends round table discussions with Ministers in Parliament and was recently elected to the Roof Consulting Institute Incorporated (RCI, Inc.) Board of Directors. Furthermore, Lora is committed to giving back to the community, she directs Artistic Skylight’s support of charities including Sick Kids Foundation, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, YMCA and WE Charity, just to name a few.

Lora’s background and knowledge has enabled her to be a strong proactive female advocate in the Construction, Manufacturing and Exporting industries and she believes, with these strong attributes, she can be a mentor for young women entering these industries.