WE CAN DO IT — PremierRegular CHAMPION


MaxPeople is proud to be a Women In Manufacturing Champion. As an HR firm with over 15 years of experience supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in organizations across various sectors, we are very passionate about this initiative.

MaxPeople is a woman-led company, so we have first-hand knowledge of the potential of female empowerment in the workforce. Be it through our HR services, recruitment or training offerings, we are continually striving to ensure women are equipped to succeed and contribute meaningfully to their company success in the process.

We are here to support organizations in their DEI efforts as well as provide training and leadership coaching to women as they advance in their careers.

A note from MaxPeople Founder & CEO, Julie Ruben Rodney:

Throughout my career in Leadership Development and as an entrepreneur, I have been passionate about helping women build confidence and succeed as leaders.  In manufacturing, women are finding their voice to share their stories and experiences.  The more exposure we give women to this field, the more opportunities we provide to the entire industry with new ideas and perspectives. I am looking forward to meeting more women in manufacturing where we at MaxPeople can guide women leaders and continue to help set-up their businesses for success through effective Human Resources practices. Our purpose is to help people in business be more focused, happier, and more productive at work and in life.