Ottawa, October 6, 2022 – Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) applauds the recommendations found in the final report of the National Supply Chain Task Force and welcomes the call from Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra for a national supply chain strategy.

“For over two years Canadian manufacturers have been dealing with massive supply chain disruptions. This report demonstrates the precarious state of Canada’s transportation networks and the impacts this has had on manufacturers’ ability to get their goods to market. Industry cannot withstand these disruptions forever, and we call on the government to quickly enact the recommendations outlined in the task force’s report. We must preserve Canada’s reputation as a reliable trade partner in order to attract future manufacturing investment.” Said Dennis Darby, President and CEO of CME.

In a recent survey by CME, 9 out of 10 manufacturers reported having supply chain problems. Sixty percent of those respondents also qualified the disruptions as “severe”. Chief among the causes of supply chain challenges are labour shortages, both in the manufacturing and transportation industries. CME therefore welcomes the specific call in the report for immediate action on labour shortages, and for a long-term plan on finding the workers these two industries will need going forward.

Because of the impact supply chain disruptions have had on Canada’s manufacturing industry, CME has been actively working with the government over the past year. It has also worked directly with task force and is very happy to see its priorities reflected in the final recommendations. Fixing labour shortages, investing in the resilience of Canada’s critical trade and transportation infrastructure, enhancing border crossings, and taking steps to secure the stability in the transportation network were all ideas put forward by CME that made their way into the final report.

“This report and its recommendations are a good first step towards fixing supply chain bottlenecks and making Canada a better place to do business. We applaud the Minister and the task force for their work and manufacturers look forward to continuing to work with the government” concluded Darby.

Quick Facts

  • The manufacturing sector accounts for nearly 10% of Canada’s real gross domestic product.
  • Manufacturers employ 1.7 million people in Canada.
  • Total manufacturing sales hit a record high of $718.4 billion in 2021.

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