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Supercharge your professional development and accelerate your learning in 2022. As the largest annual event of its kind on the prairies, the Dare to Compete Conference is a can’t-miss opportunity for the manufacturing community to come together, learn from experts, thought leaders and practitioners of operational excellence.




*Schedule and sessions subject to change.

Making ESG Work for Manufacturers | Workshop Length: 90 mins

What exactly does ESG mean? What do employers need to know? How can you separate the buzz from the business need? And how do we begin when the starting line is different for everyone, especially for SMEs. This session will:

  • Describe the fundamental elements of an ESG strategy
  • Discuss the financial business case internally and for other stakeholders
  • Provide an assessment roadmap and KPIs to help you get started

Supply Chain: Forecasting the Future | Workshop Length: 90 mins

Is yet another supply chain ‘butterfly effect’ around the corner? Will a pandemic outbreak in one corner of the world impact product availability in another? When every process is in flux, how do you plan with certainty in an uncertain climate? From Buy America to Re-shoring to Dual sourcing, join us for this session to learn more about emerging best practices and real-world insights. Participants will:

  • Discover how to focus on the right supply chain elements and make critical adjustments on the fly
  • Learn strategies to reduce the risk of securing material and parts in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Identify supply chain barriers and issues that can lead to unexpected delays and price increases and how to prevent them

Help Wanted: Re-Thinking the Hiring Process | Workshop Length: 90 mins

Labour shortages are the number one issue facing manufacturers. But as immigration slows to a crawl and domestic workers become increasingly difficult to attract in a tight labour market; how can manufacturers explore creative and innovative ways to develop the talent pool they need?

Psychological Health and Safety | Workshop Length: 50 mins

As the health and safety climate evolves, emerging trends and new legislative regulations means stronger stewardship requirements for industry. Is mental health the new ergonomics? Can costs be controlled? Are companies that lead the way able to retain and recruit more effectively? Join us to hear more about this emerging trend.

Protecting your Reputation: What Manufacturers Need to Know Workshop Length: 50 mins

From employee reviews on Glass Door, to favorable (or unfavorable) coverage in traditional news or social media, manufacturers must navigate a brave new world when it comes to reputational management. From protecting your brand, to leveraging employees as brand ambassadors to knowing what to do when things do go wrong, this session is a can’t miss for any modern manufacturer.

Problem Solving Supply Chain (and More!) | Workshop Length: 60 mins

As supply chain challenges remain increasingly unpredictable, it’s more important than ever to have an army of problem solvers on the front lines. Join us and learn how to extend Lean problem solving methodologies beyond the shop floor into procurement, purchasing and other departments most impacted by supply challenges.

Industry 4.0 - What Makes "Dollars and Sense" for My Company? | Workshop Length: 60 mins

Using data effectively can separate the good from the great. But Industry 4.0 continues to be challenging for many companies. This session explains Industry 4.0 basics and answers the biggest questions in starting your technology scale-up, including what is it and where to invest to get the greatest returns. This session focuses on a methodology for determining your company’s technology-readiness, as well as how to move forward in an incremental, risk-managed process.

Digital Twinning, AI Opening Up Supply Chains | Workshop Length: 60 mins

Understand the basics of digital twinning and artificial intelligence from a logistics network perspective so that your company can integrate effectively into target supply chains.  This isn’t a nice-to-have capability – as data becomes more easily accessible, understanding and using data is becoming necessary to keep you competitive!

Leading Exhausted Teams | Workshop Length: 50 mins

How do you lead exhausted teams when you’re losing steam yourself? After two years in a state of flux, leaders and supervisors have been unable to lean on the existing processes that have enabled informed decision making for years. Add in pandemic fog and you have a recipe for burnout. Join us to see how these manufacturers are employing innovative and creative solutions to stay nimble and energized throughout the ups and downs of recovery.




RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg


March 22, 2022


$325 - CME Members
$425 - Non Members


Rules and restrictions at public gatherings are determined by Manitoba Public Health officials and are subject to change and/or removal. See below for updated information regarding our vaccination policy.


EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2021 – Please be advised that in accordance with Manitoba Provincial Health orders, all participants must provide evidence of being fully vaccinated (2 doses plus 14 days) to enter any event space at the Centre.


Acceptable forms of vaccination status are:

  • Manitoba Immunization Card or QR Code
  • National Defence Canada Covid-19 Vaccine Record / Card
  • Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Travel Vaccination Record
  • An official document issued by a Canadian province or territory containing information of a person’s COVID-19 vaccination history


Photo ID is required to be validated against the valid proof of immunization provided.


Rules and restrictions at public gatherings are determined by Manitoba Public Health officials. As such, the Centre reserves the right to change or modify rules and regulations associated with these gatherings.




Updated: November 22, 2021


Manitoba Manufacturing Week is the province’s premier showcase for industrial innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial excellence. Partners and sponsors play a significant role in the delivery and receive exclusive recognition benefits at these two premier events, for which nearly 1,000 registrations are processed each year.


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• PLUS access to platinum package benefits for both Conference and Gala


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• Exhibit virtual booth space (see details below)
• 8 all access delegate registrations


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• Logo recognition throughout the conference event platform
• Exhibit virtual booth space (see details below)
• 4 all access delegate registrations


SILVER | $1,500
• Logo recognition throughout the conference event platform
• 2 all access delegate registration


Exhibitor virtual booth space can be branded and customized; including options to feature videos, brochures, promotional offers, showcase space and live streaming. Many interactive features are available within the event platform to network and gather leads. The event will feature a Passport and other game and contest features to engage attendees and drive exhibit visits.
• Exhibit Virtual Booth Space includes 2 exhibitor registrations



PLATINUM | $7,500
• Premium logo recognition in all advertising and marketing collateral, including website
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• Airing of corporate video (30 second, supplied by sponsor)
• 10 Gala Awards event tickets


GOLD | $4,500
• Logo recognition in all advertising and marketing collateral, including website
• Logo recognition on the gala streaming platform
• 4 Gala Awards event tickets


SILVER | $2,500
• Logo recognition on the gala streaming platform
• 2 Gala Awards event tickets


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