Peer Council

Exporters Executive Council (EEC)



Export Executive Councils (EECs) are exclusive groups of executives responsible for sales, business development and trade. With a facilitator, EEC meets regularly to share ideas, learn from each other and help find solutions. The EEC uses confidential peer-mentoring to draw on the strengths of like-minded top talent in a non-competitive environment. EEC helps members stay a step ahead.

Discussions are confidential.

Why Exporters Executive Council?

EECs allow participants to harness the power of their network with an exclusive focus on export and business development issues. EEC gives participants access to:

  • An exclusive network of top-talent peers
  • Shared business intelligence
  • The power of the network, plus exclusive access to trade resource, insights, solutions and support

Who Can Benefit?

• Business owners, CEOs and general managers

• Participation exclusively from non-competing CME manufacturer member companies

• Leaders with a willingness to openly share information about their organization, their own professional development and learn from one another

Document: Export Executive Council PDF

*Participation in an EEC is an opportunity exclusive to CME members in good standing!

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