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CME continues to respond to the needs of the manufacturing industry as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. We are pleased to announce our Leaders in Government series, which will replace the Deputy Ministers’ Dinner for 2020 only. Delivered in partnership with the Province of Manitoba, each month, CME will host a round table event featuring senior manufacturing leaders and the Minister and Deputy Minister of a key manufacturing portfolio. This special series connects policy makers with industry, fostering discussion and dialog – an open exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions – perhaps more critical than ever before as manufacturers ramp up production and drive Manitoba’s economic recovery.

The series offers an opportunity for an insightful conversation on policies, plans and partnerships between industry and government, with a focus on burning issues for manufacturing and economic development. Through remote-facilitated virtual town hall discussions, CME’s Leaders in Government series gives strength to our advocacy efforts and informs CME’s voice in our work to protect and improve business conditions related to key areas such as skills, taxes, technology, business development and many others.




December 10, 2020 &
January 12, 2021


Members - $25
Non-members - $49
(All prices are per session; GST Extra)
Registration is exclusive to manufacturers only.


DECEMBER 10, 2020

SESSION 1 – Leaders in Government: Finance
December 10, 2020 | 1:15PM – 2:15PM

The Department of Finance ensures the province achieves its financials goals and positive outlook, while also assisting in financial recovery, improving public services and achieving economic prosperity.

Scott Fielding was elected as the MLA for Kirkfield Park in 2016 and 2019. Minister Fielding graduated from the University of Manitoba with an advanced bachelor of arts in economics and political studies, and has served as a Winnipeg city councillor, where he was chair of the Finance Committee and chair of the Winnipeg Police Board. He now serves as the Provincial Cabinet Member for Finance in Manitoba.

Richard Groen has been with the province for several decades, transitioning in roles from assistant deputy minster for both the Finance Research Division and Treasury Board to Deputy Minister of Finance today.


JANUARY 12, 2021

SESSION 2 – Leaders in Government: Economic Development and Training
January 12, 2021 | 1:00PM – 2:00PM

The Department of Economic Development and Training specializes in developing policies, accountability and financial support for local business, educational institutes, workforce development efforts and immigration and travel opportunities.

Ralph Eichler was the MLA for Lakeside in 2003 and re-elected in 2007, 2011, 2016 and 2019. An active volunteer, Minister Eichler has served numerous organizations in his lengthy career.

Tracey Maconachie served as the President of the Bioscience Association of Manitoba and for nearly 20 years with international pharmaceutical organizations. She also served on numerous boards and committees such as the Research Manitoba Board prior to stepping into her current position.



A series of 4-6 one-hour virtual town-hall meetings (time of day may vary depending on Ministerial availability). Opening greetings and comments by the Minister and Deputy Minister on key efforts in their portfolio will be followed by moderated, open discussion facilitated by CME staff.


Manufacturing CEOs, presidents, senior executives, portfolio leads and subject matter experts leading manufacturing firms of all sizes, along with key Ministers and Deputy Ministers.