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Lean Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Mentorship

Man instructing female and male student in manufacturing plant.


CME is pleased to announce that in partnership with our funding partners, we are offering Lean Advanced Manufacturing Mentorship Service at significant discount to select partners. Join us for an information session on November 26 to learn more.

Through our funding partners, we are able to offset nearly 80 per cent of the market cost of this service, allowing manufacturers to access four days of custom, tailored and company-specific coaching and mentoring to help you launch a 4-5 year advanced manufacturing roadmap for your company. Our Lean advanced manufacturing mentorship service allows companies access to a half day initial visit and readiness assessment, strategic development support to craft a tailored technology adoption roadmap specific to your companies needs and goals and optional quarterly follow up sessions.

CME’s Lean Advanced Manufacturing Mentorship Service takes the weight off your shoulders, helping you navigate new and uncertain waters and become more efficient.





November 26, 2020
9:00AM - 10:30AM CST


Free (Registration is exclusive to manufacturers. Cost is free but registration is required



Lean has been the competitive differentiator for manufacturers for decades. Advanced manufacturing represents the next step in the journey
Many manufacturing leaders find themselves firefighting, which prevents you from dedicating time to exploring the next stage of Lean through automation and other industry 4.0 technologies
Advanced manufacturing information overload can be overwhelming. New information may or may not be appropriate to your business and is available from so many sources – but how to tell which is right for your operation?
Do staff worry about the implementation of advanced manufacturing? Using Lean techniques to empower staff by focusing on capacity creation over job loss is critical to achieving buy in
Advanced manufacturing has a critical role to play in strengthening and securing the domestic supply chain.
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Executives, operations leaders, department heads, other senior business leaders and change agents from manufacturing firms of all sizes.