Peer Council

Manufacturers’ Executive Council (MEC)


Manufacturers’ Executive Councils (MECs) are exclusive groups of business owners and senior executives from non-competing manufacturing companies who share ideas, learn from each other’s experience and solve problems through peer-group mentoring. Members exchange advice and discuss related experiences in a discreet environment.

Why Manufacturers' Executive Council?

MEC participation allows senior manufacturing leaders to:

Align yourself with other manufacturing leaders who can help to sharpen your leadership and management skills, and coach your peers in the same way;

  • Challenge your management expertise through real-time business issue discussion, within your own organization and those of your peers;
  • Broaden your perspective and develop your critical thinking, communication and leadership skills
  • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of shared experiential learning without pausing your career; and
  • Increase your skills and mindset to lead, while building new networks and business relationships

Who Can Benefit?

CEOs and general managers; exclusively from non-competing CME manufacturer member companies.

*Participation in an MEC is an opportunity exclusive to CME members

To find out more information or to join, contact a CME representative.


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