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Manufacturing Recovery Round Tables

Manufacturing Recovery Round Tables


CME engages and connects with leaders in the manufacturing community across Manitoba in order to identify pressing trends. In addition, CME ensure its programs and services are tailored to the current and future needs of the manufacturing industry throughout the province.

This year, as we face the unprecedented challenge of a world impacted by COVID-19, CME is looking at replacing larger summits and conferences with a series of smaller industry-round tables. This will ensure that decision-makers have the ability to hear and learn from best practices while also being informed about the strategies and decisions that are needed to be implemented in their organizations as we look to 2021.


Winkler, Winnipeg and Brandon


October 21, 2020 (Brandon)
October 22, 2020 (Winkler)
October 27 & 29, 2020 (Winnipeg)


Free (Participation is by invitation only)



Download the event one pager here


Who can benefit

CEOs, presidents and senior executives leading manufacturing firms of all sizes.


In 2015, CME led a national dialogue – Industrie 2030 – on the future of manufacturing in Canada and how we can support a doubling of the sector by 2030. In Manitoba, CME hosted a number of successful sessions, which informed more than five years of policy recommendations to government.
While disastrous for the economy, the COVID-19 pandemic served as an important disruptor and created broad awareness among government leaders of the critical role the sector plays in Canada, while also emphasizing the importance of strong domestic supply chains. There is no better time than now to refocus our efforts on closing the productivity gap and strengthening manufacturing as the backbone of the Manitoba economy!


The format will include a round table discussion on what is standing in the way, and what is required to move forward on key manufacturing topics and issues, including:
• Expanding manufacturing capacity
• Designing, developing and manufacturing more products and technologies at home in Canada
• Accelerating the adoption of new technologies and processes
• Selling more, at home and abroad
• Ensuring the business environment is positive and supportive of growth