Peer Council

Sales, Marketing and Exporting Council (SMEC)


A Sales, Marketing and Exporting Council (SMEC) is an exclusive group of senior representatives from non-competing CME member companies interested in expanding sales into markets outside of British Columbia.

An SMEC is a peer council for the confidential exchange of information on a wide range of business development issues for local and international markets.  Meetings are highly interactive, and participants are expected to share their experiences on various topics to help the group resolve their challenges. Groups also gain access to CME resources and trusted third party subject matter experts.

Discussions are confidential.

Why Sales, Marketing and Exporting Council?

  • Networking
  • Shared intelligence
  • Benefit from peer support and learning
  • Access to CME resources

Who Can Benefit?

Vice-Presidents, Directors and Senior Managers of Marketing, Sales and/or Business Development and International Business Development Managers interested in resolving sales, marketing, business development and international trade challenges can benefit from the SMEC.

*Participation in an SMEC is an opportunity exclusive to CME members.


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