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Solutions to Skill Shortages


Looking to improve your workforce development AND meaningfully contribute to increasing diversity in your workplace? Follow along with CME’s newest series, Solutions to Skill Shortages. This series offers three unique events each aimed to help you identify gaps and create strategies, so your organization goes above and beyond to offer inclusive opportunities and attract the most talent to your business.

Industry-wide, businesses are facing a major challenge attracting and retaining skilled workers. Learn to cast a larger net to grow your business while at the same time contributing to diversity efforts in your organization. Sign up now for one or more of this series to learn more about what you could be doing to attract employees from all backgrounds.

This workshop is designed for decision makers within an organization.




9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.




DECEMBER 7, 2021

Topic: Women in the Workplace


In our first event on December 7, 2021, Vidir Solutions shares how they have increased their female job applications by 25 per cent. Additionally, CME’s own Jamie Kramer, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Women in Manufacturing Program, shares her experience working in equity and accessibility. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to champion diversity efforts in Manitoba’s Manufacturing industry.



February 15, 2022

Topic: Newcomers to Canada

April 12, 2022

Topic: Indigenous Peoples