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Ontario's leading workplace safety insurance advocate

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The Employers’ Advocacy Council (EAC)  is Ontario’s leading workplace safety insurance advocate since 1985.

A membership based non-profit organization representing employers from all sectors and all sizes , EAC keeps its members informed on workplace safety insurance through information, education and advocacy.

For 27 years, through our advocacy, workshops and safety group program, we have been working with employers to reduce worker compensation costs, the number of worker claims and to prevent workplace injuries across Ontario.

If your company has 20 or more employees, you must, by law, have a joint health and safety committee (JHSC). REGISTER TODAY

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Mission & Values


The mission of the Employers’ Advocacy Council is to advance and protect the interests of all EAC member firms with respect to key Ontario workplace safety insurance needs.


  • Leadership and Education
  • Pledge to Workplace Safety
  • Respect and Integrity
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Continuous Improvement


Some of the items that CME has realized success on include:
  • Capital Tax Elimination—$190 million per year in savings
  • Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance—CME was able to get the government to provide 10-years of certainty.
  • Instrumental in getting a corporate tax-rate reduction to 10% in Ontario and a total of 25% combined.
  • Harmonized Sales Tax—meaning $500 million in administrative reductions and $4.5 billion in tax reductions to value-added businesses in Ontario.
  • Permanent retention of the Industrial Exception under the P.Eng. Act—Avoidance of $100 million in costs.
  • Successful in establishing a comprehensive trade agreement with the E.U.
  • CME has been recognized by the Ottawa Hill Times as Canada’s most successful and active lobby group.
  • We were able to influence a multi-year freeze to the WSIB premium rates.
  • Were able to get the unfunded liability reduced from $14 billion to $7 billion
  • CME has been able to obtain over$110 million in direct funding support for manufacturers since 2008 to help them improve productivity, expand internationally, increase energy efficiency, adopt new technologies and increase competitiveness through CME’s SMART programs.
  • CME Safety Groups (3) have received close to $40 Million in rebates since the inception of the program in 2011.  CME is also proud to be a founding member of the WSIB Safety group program.


  • Stay up-to-date with what’s new and what’s changing at the WSIB and MOL
  • Get discounted prices on EAC’s workplace insurance workshops, the Workplace Health, and Safety and Wellness Symposiums and other CME events.  Complimentary webinars on relevant topics.
  • Access to over seventy sample health and safety standards, policies, and procedure documents through our exclusive Safety Group Website Resource
  • Access to Paralegal Partner Program to assist you with your workers’ compensation questions. Helps you stay informed and be a part of the conversation with the Knowledge Exchange Program and LinkedIn Group Discussion Forum


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