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Leadership Development


Struggling to build momentum on your Lean journey? Front-line leaders influence employee engagement. This course will impact efficiency, improve productivity and strengthen your bottom line.

Participate in five, full-day workshops and receive one-on-one phone coaching in between workshops. Mentors from the same company help learners apply workshop teachings to the workplace.

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Why Leadership Development?

Participants are mentored by a leader from their own company who supports with real-time coaching; and will receive a variety of on-the-job tools that can be used easily and right away in the workplace. Learning outcomes include:

  • Enhanced ability to lead, encourage and support direct reports, achieve group objectives and support Lean initiatives
  • Performance management and delegation, coaching for improvement, dealing with differences and conflict resolution, leading high-performance teams, conducting purposeful meetings, problem solving, culture and change, and personal leadership
  • Higher level leaders in organizations will be more effective
  • Better alignment of company vision and goals, organization and understanding of leadership.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Frontline leadership, including first and second-level leaders
  • Mentors (those leading and coaching first and second-level leaders)

Download the Leadership Development Program brochure.

Upcoming Sessions

Winter 2019 Program – Winnipeg
Program Start: January 2019


Spring 2019 Program – Winnipeg
Program Start: April 2019


Spring 2019 Southern Manitoba Program
Program Start: April 2019



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