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LEAN & Green 101


Green (energy, environmental and material) wastes impact competitiveness, the bottom line, customer relationships and employee retention. CME’s Lean & Green programs help manufacturers apply Lean concepts to energy and material reduction to increase profitability. By applying Lean tools to the seven key environmental wastes, Lean & Green helps participants realize short and long-term savings.

This workshop will provide a practical overview, real-world success stories and the hands-on tools needed to apply Lean thinking to include overlooked environmental waste, including the seven key environmental wastes that represent potential for significant savings. Take Lean to the next level, with this Lean and Green 101 workshop.

Man and woman reading documents in a warehouse.

Why Lean & Green 101?

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand how green (environmental) wastes impact nearly every aspect of manufacturing operations;
  • See how a focus on reducing green waste will enable organizations to not only survive but thrive under the recently announced provincial and federal prices on carbon;
  • Identify the seven key wastes associated with green thinking;
  • Be able to implement proven and dynamic process for green waste elimination that build on existing continuous improvement processes and Lean thinking;
  • Integrate Lean & Green process with existing processes and programs;
  • Apply Lean tools to environmental savings, green value stream mapping.

Who Can Benefit?

This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers, operations personnel, process owners and anyone with continuous improvement, environmental or sustainability responsibilities in their job description.

Upcoming session - Manitoba

Feb  25, 2020
8:30 am – 4:30 pm
67B, Scurfied Blvd.,
Winnipeg, MB R3Y1G4

Members: $195
Non-members: $295


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