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Manufacturers’ Peer Councils

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This following Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) offering brings executives and seniors managers together to exchange information, ideas and insights. Members meet 6x a year in facilitated peer groups of 8 to 10 individuals from non-competing companies. The peer council model ensures high-level commitment and accountability which in turn offers valuable solution-seeking discussions.


Manufacturers’ Executive Council (MEC)

Owners, presidents, and CEOs who discuss executive-level topics such as business development, manufacturing competitiveness, financing and succession planning.

Manufacturers’ Operations Council (MOC)

Senior operations professionals focused on productivity improvements, managing and eliminating waste, plant floor leadership, KPI measurements to improve workforce operational efficiencies through best practices like LEAN and Six Sigma.

Sales, Marketing & Exporting Council (SMEC)

Senior sales and marketing professionals focused on export activity relating to sales strategy, opportunity identification, international trade supports, cross border challenges, and policies affecting sales and exporting.

Manufacturers’ Human Resources Council (MHRC)

Senior company representatives responsible for labour and employment issues will discuss topics such as occupational health and safety, recruitment, skills, retention strategies, and effective training models.

Manufacturers’ Safety Council (MSC)

Occupational health and safety professionals meet to discuss a wide range of current issues related to OHSE. The council tours each of its member’s facility and provides a safety assessment to their host. This group has a direct link to CME’s Employer Advocacy Council (EAC).

Manufacturers’ Supply Chain Council (SCC)

Supply chain leaders, director of logistics, material managers, purchasing managers, demand managers, and planners meet to resolve supply chain challenges faced by small to medium-sized manufacturers in today’s global environment.





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