Safety Youth Programs

Open Doors Safe Youth


Awareness of the importance of Health & Safety to the young worker

CME Ontario brings together the young worker and manufacturing community to showcase the importance of health and safety in the workplace. Plant visits bring the young worker and teachers face to face with the health and safety aspects within the manufacturing business environment.

Awareness for the young worker is paramount in instilling early health and safety practices among young workers. Awareness for educational entities will complement what is already being taught in the classroom around health and safety.

Why Open Doors Safe Youth?

  • New workers are more likely to be injured on the job than experienced workers
  • Competency – how competency impacts their life, and proper training
  • Right to Question – building confidence
  • Fit For Duty – 7 contributors

Man instructing female and male student in manufacturing plant.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Manufacturers interested in equipping the next generation of workers
  • Students entering the workforce

Additional Resources

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