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Open Doors Youth Awareness


CME works with school boards, schools, teachers and students to showcase career options in manufacturing to encourage youth to enter manufacturing careers by showing them:

  • a positive image of manufacturing career choices
  • the diversity of jobs to choose from
  • data about the trends and future employment needs
  • potential career paths and how to get there

Help CME to recruit the next generation of manufacturing talent by opening your doors for youth awareness, by showing them the numerous opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Why Open Doors Youth Awareness?

  • Change the perception of, and stigma attached to manufacturing
  • Youth outreach
  • Help to fill the impending skills gap

Manufacturer instructing student apprentice.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Manufacturers – Host a site tour – help youth discover manufacturing career options
  • Schools – Schedule a site tour – help students discover manufacturing opportunities
  • Youth – Learn about the real facts, trends and career opportunities for your future

Additional Resources

Real Talk Website


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