Human Resources Lean Training

Training Within Industry: Job Relations


Training Within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic program of hands-on learning and practice, teaching essential skills for supervisors, team leaders, and anyone who directs the work of others. TWI is an essential element of Lean and continuous improvement programs around the world.

Job Relations (JR) is the TWI module that teaches team leads to build a solid, positive and enduring relationship between themselves and each employee. This relationship is based on trust, communication, mutual respect, care and concern, which builds and maintains a positive culture in the organization. This culture then becomes the foundation for LEAN, engaging employees in a culture that embraces continuous improvement and teamwork.

The JR module is delivered through 10 hours of case study theory and real-life situational coaching delivered through five, two-hour sessions.

Why Training Within Industry?

See tangible business results, as well as the effect on the quality of work life in a true no-blame culture.

Organizations that complete TWI training:

  • Build a “foundation for good relations” with all employees
  • Deal positively with personnel problems by treating every person as an individual
  • Reinforce the role of the supervisor/manager as leader of his/her work section
  • Individuals with direct reports


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