Statement from Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in advance of the federal, provincial and territorial labour-market ministers meeting today

TORONTO, JUNE 18, 2024 – The federal government could not have picked a worse time to cut $625 million in workforce development funding. The Budget 2024 funding cut will reduce access to workforce and skills training services that Canadians need to develop the skills required to remain engaged in meaningful employment while preparing for Canada’s future economy. In Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ (CME) 2023 technology adoption survey, one-third of manufacturers identified a shortage of skilled workers as a significant barrier to technology adoption. CME strongly supports provincial and territorial labour market ministers in calling for the reinstatement of this critical workforce development funding.

“ The removal of more than half-billion-dollar funding for skills training will negatively impact Canada’s manufacturing industry that is struggling to remain globally competitive while grappling with skills shortages and an aging workforce. Manufacturers will continue to upskill workers and create quality jobs and opportunities for their employees and communities. However, the federal government needs to do its part by stepping up and investing in our future, not making cuts.” -Dennis Darby, CME President & CEO


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Since 1871, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has been helping manufacturers grow at home and, compete around the world. Our focus is to ensure manufacturers are recognized as engines for growth in the economy, with Canada acknowledged as both a global leader and innovator in advanced manufacturing and a global leader in exporting. CME is a member-driven association that directly represents more than 2,500 leading companies who account for an estimated 82 per cent of manufacturing output and 90 per cent of Canada’s exports.

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