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Memex Inc.

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Memex Inc. offers a game-changing IIoT software and hardware platform that delivers on the 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, for Data-Driven Manufacturing. By measuring machines accurately in real-time, companies can often realize a 10%-50% average productivity increase. Most manufacturing machines are not connected to any network and are not automatically measuring production metrics (95% per a recent survey). Rising business costs and competitive pressures means that manufacturers need to reduce their operating costs. Memex Inc. is the leader in real-time “Connecting the Shop Floor to Top Floor”, including ERP systems, and as testimonial, the largest machine tool vendor in the world use Memex software in their plant. Memex Inc.’s flagship product, MERLIN, is an award-winning solution as a communications platform providing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics in real time. If you can measure it, then you can manage it.


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John Rattray, Senior Sales Manager