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Precision Pulley & Idler Inc.


PPI will be a provider of high performance and innovative conveyor products and solutions. We will be the #1 choice earned through unparalleled quality, delivery and customer service. By doing this, we will ensure the continued success and sustainability of our 100% Employee owned company.

PFEA Working with state universities, PPI has developed a unique Finite Element Analysis program, PFEA. PFEA has brought new understanding to the dynamics of a conveyor pulley system. Today, it is used on each and every High Tension Pulley that PPI builds. How do these stresses affect the life of the pulley? That is where our IP-Life analysis comes into play. It gives our Engineers the effect of the stress on life expectancy of a pulley assembly. This unique combination of PFEA and IP-Life Analysis gives our Engineers state of the art tools to design World Class High Tension Pulleys.

PPI employees strive to provide quality products and service that meet or exceed the customer’s needs. To attain this goal, PPI employees obtain valuable experience and training in a variety of work assignments. In addition, each PPI employee receives countless hours of instruction in teamwork and problem solving tools. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is used by teams of employees throughout the company. Because our products are competitively priced and our delivery record is the best in the industry, customers can depend on PPI.

PPI has eight manufacturing plants and each plant is dedicated to producing specific products. This manufacturing approach allow us to be very focused, but it also gives greater flexibility and allows us to react quickly to customer needs.

When it comes to manufacturing methods, we are continually evaluating state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and equipment to ensure we remain the leaders in providing the highest quality products with the shortest lead times in the industry.


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Susan Lang,
HR Manager