Firstly, Environment and Climate Change Canada has released its Regulatory Design Paper on the Clean Fuel Standards (CFS). As a refresher, the CFS is meant to establish new life-cycle emissions intensity requirements on fuels used in transportation, buildings and industry. The goal is to reduce GHG emissions across Canada by 30MT by 2030. While it may reduce GHG emissions, a more stringent clean fuel standard has the potential to negatively impact Canadian manufacturers by:
· Increasing the cost of combustible energy in industrial uses,

· Increasing in transportation costs within Canada; and,

· Creating a competitive disadvantage relative to global competitors subject to lesser standards.

Last year, CME with the support of our coalition on the CFS released the website.

You can view our briefing here.

You can view the regulatory design paper here.

We are seeking member feedback on the CFS. Please submit your input and recommendation on the regulatory design paper by Monday, January 21st to We have also put together a coalition on the CFS and there are a number of different opportunities to get engaged. Learn more by also contacting Alex.

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