In 2018, CME got off to a great start with this government – with many policy wins, including the announced harmonization of the Toxics Reductions Act (TRA), the proposal to remove and elimination of Bill 148, the wind-down of the Ontario College of Trades and the adjustment of 1:1 apprenticeship ratios – but there is still lots to do. We still have a long way to go! In 2019, CME will be advocating for you in Ontario to create and sustain a competitive environment for manufacturers focused on three key pillars: reducing the cost of doing business in Ontario, strengthening the labour pool and ensuring scale up and commercialization. We have been prioritizing the various elements of the Industrie 2030 strategy and have begun to focus our advocacy attention on the highest priority items for members and those areas with the highest opportunity for quick resolution. We are also looking at partnering with the Government of Ontario and industry to develop implementation strategies and put those plans into action. We will measure success based on our progress in meeting the performance metrics outlined above. So, how can you get engaged? You can explore CME’s member offerings such as our Manufacturing Executive Councils, Policy Interest Groups in Human Resources, Tax & Finance, OH&S, Environment, Energy, attend one of our upcoming events such as our 2019 Energy Conference, attend a future roundtable meeting that we organize and join an issue based working group (i.e., Clean Fuel Standards Working Group.) We look forward to working together on the key changes needed to dramatically reinvigorate manufacturing in Ontario and materially improve the economic well being of all Ontarians. To get involved, please contact Alex Greco.

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