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Advanced Manufacturing Tech Tuesdays Lunch & Learn


CME is hosting a series of eight Lunch & Learn sessions that aim to help participants promote and create awareness of upcoming Advanced Digital Manufacturing solutions in their workplace, as well as network with industry experts in the advanced manufacturing sector. Learn how specific technology tools work and what companies are currently using advanced manufacturing solutions in their organizations.


Business Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Change Agents who are in charge of process training and improvements, skills gap training, workplace safety.




11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CST




JUNE 21, 2022 - Lean-Advanced Manufacturing – Why is it important to have the Strategy and Roadmap?

One of the inputs for any strategic planning is to understand current state of your business. With the adoption of Lean-Advanced Digital Manufacturing (ADM), it is critical to use the results from the Lean-ADM Readiness Assessment and prioritize the execution plan for roll-out. CME’s Lean-ADM strategy and roadmap development will be able to help you to structure your approach for a successful journey towards Lean Advanced Digital Manufacturing.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the inputs to your Lean-ADM Strategy
  • Create a 12-month Lean-ADM Roadmap
  • Manage your approach and business priorities towards Lean-ADM



Lean Facilitator, Technology Champion, CME

Since joining CME in 2013, after more than 20 years in the manufacturing engineering field, Erwin has supported more than 100 companies through Lean Consortia, Kaizen events, Lean assessments, training, coaching, mentoring and strategic planning and execution. He is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate through the American Society for Quality as well as a Certified Lean Master Blackbelt.


APRIL 26, 2022 - Digital Twinning, How to use it and Why?

In this session Emily Smits, CEO of Modest Tree Media Inc., and Mirko Uetzmann, Leader Navy ILS Renk Group, will provide participants with an overview of digital twins, including the benefits specific to manufacturing settings. They will also provide examples of how the digital twin deployments at RENK are supporting several objectives including real-time monitoring of complex machinery for sustainability as well as technician training.




CEO, Modest Tree Media Inc.

Emily Smits, CPA-CMA, PMP, is Chief Executive Officer at Modest Tree Media Inc., a software company that works with manufacturers to leverage immersive digital twins. Modest Tree’s software and services provide industrial companies around the globe with solutions that support their digitalization efforts with the development of Digital Field Service Hubs, Immersive Operations & Maintenance Training, Immersive Digital Twins, and Digital Strategy, Consulting and Training and Simulation Services.

Leader Navy ILS, RENK Group

Mirko Uetzmann leads RENK’s Integrated Logistics Support team and services which provide a holistic focus to ensure the utmost reliability, economy and safety for their Navy customers through the use of intelligent control systems.  Uetzmann leverages RENK’s ILS tools, technology and team to support customers during the full lifecycle of an asset, including Logistics Support Analysis, Services, Spare Parts, Training and Documentation.

MARCH 29, 2022 - Lean Advanced Manufacturing/Industry 4.0: An Overview

For decades, Lean has been used by manufacturers to reduce operational complexity and improve productivity. It provides a foundation for operational excellence and boosts organizational performance through a focus on value-adding activities. But embracing Lean by itself is not sufficient to address the operational challenges of an increasingly digitally connected and globalized world.


Industry 4.0 offers new approaches for dealing with products and new complexities to supply chains. Advanced manufacturing promotes faster, more agile and more efficient processes through the use of automation technologies for consistent quality and productivity gains. Both Lean and Industry 4.0 promise to solve manufacturing challenges by uncovering the most effective way to reach the next level of operational excellence.



Learning Objectives

• Correlation between Lean thinking and advanced manufacturing
• Build the business case for Lean and advanced digital manufacturing
• Overview of Lean-Advance Manufacturing Readiness Assessment, Strategy and 12 month -Roadmapping

Who Can Benefit

Executive-level leaders and other senior business leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Change Agents from manufacturing firms of all sizes.


Lean Facilitator & Technology Champion, CME Manitoba

Erwin began his career as a Professional Engineer in the Philippines. With more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing engineering field, Erwin has held positions in quality assurance, Total Quality Management (TQM), new product introduction, research and development, project management and continuous improvement.


Since joining CME as a Lean Facilitator in 2013, Erwin has supported more than 100 companies through Lean Consortia, Kaizen events, Lean assessments, training, coaching, mentoring and strategic planning and execution. He is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate through the American Society for Quality as well as a Certified Lean Master Blackbelt.

FEBRUARY 22, 2022 - Robots are Getting Smarter, Why you need a Robot (or two or three)?

Join us at our next Lunch & Learn session where we’ll hear from Dimatec and TetraGen, two companies leading the way in advanced manufacturing (AM). Learn from real manufacturers on a number of topics related to robotics, including how they started their AM journey and how they’ve improved operational efficiency.





  • Follow the journey of Dimatec to automate a complex precision machining process to stimulate thought around areas of opportunity for your business.
  • Consider the many advantages of robotic integration and some of the challenges that may be encountered by appreciating a Dimatec experience.
  • Learn how vision systems can increase the flexibility and adaptability of industrial robots
  • Understand how self-adaptive robots can help automate high-mix, highly variable operations


Executive-level leaders and other senior business leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Change Agents from manufacturing firms of all sizes.


Dimatec manufactures diamond metal matrix products which are used by their drilling and mining partners to access Earth’s valuable resources. Their commitment to improving the quality and cost efficiency of their products to a competitive global market has led them to understand the value of robotic automation. Join us as Daryl shares the steps they took throughout their AM journey, including integrating smart vision enabled robotics, CNC machining and gauging measurement with offset calibration correction in one of their production cells.



President & CEO, Dimatec Inc.

Daryl is merging his physician and hospital administration professional foundation with his fascination of manufacturing with metal, metal powders and diamonds. Investing in the challenge of building teams and growing a second generation family-owned manufacturing company is a privilege he does not take for granted. Along with the people of Dimatec, Daryl is guided by values of building trust, striving for excellence and maintaining with care.


Industrial robots have traditionally been employed on mass production lines or for simple and highly repetitive tasks combined with extensive fixturing. Modern vision and force control systems provide industrial robots with greater flexibility and autonomy, allowing them to perform complex operations in high-mix, highly variable manufacturing applications. This presentation showcases how vision-guided robotic systems can self-adapt to part variations in precision operations such as drilling, deburring, trimming, welding and inspection.



President & CEO, TetraGen Robotics Inc.

Dr. Matt Khoshdarregi is the CEO and co-founder of TetraGen Robotics Inc., a Manitoba-based developer and integrator of advanced robot vision solutions for flexible automation. He is also an Assistant Professor and Director of the Intelligent Digital Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Manitoba. He is a co-inventor of several patent-pending technologies in the area of robot vision.

JANUARY 25, 2022 - Cyber Security for Manufacturers, What you need to know?

For SMEs, cyber security can be a daunting issue, especially if staff and financial resources are limited. Hoping the risk will go away or ignoring it, is not the solution. In fact, there are strategies that can be adapted and implemented that are certain to improve security posture and limit exposure to cyber security threats.


Learn Triple E RV’s experience with a cyber-attack and how they navigated their way out of the challenge. Hear what they learned and what has been done to mitigate the risks since the event. MITT will share a high level view of why preparing teams, from front-line staff to the executive suite, will go a long way toward protecting your people, processes and data from cyber security threats.


Finally, as one of the resources, CyberSecure Canada, a federal program supports on cybersecurity will discuss the certification program that available for SME’s.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to survive in a cyber-attacked and lessons learned .
  • Understand why training and awareness is the first line of defense of an overall cyber security strategy.
  • To learn about federal programming and supports on cybersecurity.

Who can benefit?
Outline target audience Executive-level leaders and other senior business leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Change Agents from manufacturing firms of all sizes.


President & General Manager Triple E Recreational Vehicles

Ryan Elias is the president and general manager of Triple E Recreational Vehicles based in Winkler, Manitoba. Today the parent company Triple E Canada Ltd. employs more than 750 people in southern Manitoba, which major divisions include Lode King Industries, a manufacturer of commercial highway truck trailers and Triple E Recreational Vehicles, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles.


Dean, ICT Programs/Executive Director, CyberWave

Kathy Knight joined the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology as Executive Director for CyberWave, the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, on April 20, 2021. She has since added the role of Dean, ICT Programs to her portfolio. Under Kathy’s leadership, CyberWave at MITT is on track to becoming Western Canada’s leading centre for cyber security training and education as well as a catalyst for innovation within the sector.

Policy Analyst & CyberSecure Canada Advisor

Nigel specializes in local business development, client-centered relationship building, and impact-based policymaking to ensure stakeholders in western Canada are represented in federal policy. He holds a BA Policy Studies from Mount Royal University and MA Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University.

Senior Policy Advisor

Vanessa is a Senior Policy Advisor with the Ontario Regional Office of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). In this role she conducts research and analysis on economic activity in Ontario, in addition to promoting the CyberSecure Canada program.




NOVEMBER 23, 2021 - Leveraging Intelligent Software to Gain Manufacturing Visibility

Organizations that rely solely on traditional means of operations such as employee tribal knowledge, independent Excel tools, recurring departmental meetings and local manual filing systems are already behind the curve. An integrated, company-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system provides an organization with both a holistic and granular ability to run its operation using data to make relevant decisions – a must-have in today’s environment.


This presentation will demonstrate the complexities and complications of operations within any organization, and will then provide an overview of a proven planning system that addresses the aforementioned requirements.


Who can benefit?
Outline target audience Executive-level leaders and other senior business leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Change Agents from manufacturing firms of all sizes.


President & GM of Champ Metal Fabrications

Tom has 33 years of technical, managerial, executive and leadership experience in the aerospace and manufacturing sectors.


His exposure to both international ‘big business’ private equity and privately owned ‘medium business’ has provided him with best practices from both environments that he applies across all functions within his organization, in parallel with his core belief in employees’ value, expertise and input. A life-long Manitoban, he draws pride and motivation from any contribution that he can make to the local manufacturing community.

Principle Solutions Engineer at JobBOSS

Lisa has been with ECI for over 21 years and has worked in the manufacturing industry since 1996.


Lisa’s first 10 years of experience at JobBOSS with the implementation team led her to hundreds of shops, helping them turn the page from manual and redundant processes to that of efficiency and profitability. Her experience being in the shops and seeing firsthand how implementations really need to happen have been invaluable to her current position offering solutions to those companies that are not reaping the benefits of a great job-based system.

NOVEMBER 2, 2021 - Augmented Reality and Its Manufacturing Application

Join Marney Stapley, Vice President of North Forge Technology, and Daniel Blair, CEO of Bit Space Development to learn about the benefits of using extended reality technology for safety training. This talk is a general introduction to using XR (ie AR or VR) in the workplace. It will cover a brief overview of the available technology and walk through the processes of planning and building a useful XR training experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • What goes into a successful XR project
  • The XR hardware landscape and some available tools – Frameworks and processes companies can apply to ensure there is a return on their investment
  • AR application in manufacturing (Maintenance, Training, After sales remote support, etc..)

Who can benefit?
Business Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Change Agents who are in charge of process training and improvements, skills gap training, workplace safety.

Vice President of North Forge Technology

Marney is the Vice President of North Forge Technology Exchange, including the North Forge Fabrication Lab — the largest publicly accessible fabrication and rapid prototyping facility in North America. Marney runs the Manitoba Chapter for Women in 3D printing. Its mission is to inspire and promote women working in Additive Manufacturing Industries.


CEO of Bit Space Development

Daniel is the CEO and founder of Bit Space Development Ltd. Daniel is an award-winning entrepreneur & software developer and is well known for being a tinkerer, mad scientist, and lifelong learner. He is an active member on multiple boards and committees involved in Manitoba’s interactive digital media and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

MAY 24, 2022 - Additive Manufacturing, Can you Use it in your factory?



Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of making 3D objects of virtually any shape from a digital model, through the process where layers of materials are laid down. In this session, Price Electronics will be sharing how they started using this technology to create value by increasing efficiencies, speed, quality and responsiveness to their specific needs.


On the other hand, Red  River College Polytech – Smart Factory will be providing a high level overview of what Additive Manufacturing is, the different types of AM processes and its advantages in the area of applications.


  • Fundamental understanding of additive manufacturing (AM) technology
  • Familiarizing the different types of AM processes
  • How to start using AM technology in your business

Research Specialist, Materials & Manufacturing
Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing (TACAM)
Red River College Polytech

Dr. Gbenga Asala, P.Eng, is a research specialist at the Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing (TACAM), RRC Polytech. Gbenga’s background is in Materials Engineering, and he earned his doctorate at the University of Manitoba in metal additive manufacturing of aerospace materials. Currently, he leads TACAM’s applied research efforts on metal additive manufacturing, Cold spray, welding and non-destructive X-ray CT inspections

Manufacturing Engineering
Price Electronics

Emer has been with Price Electronics since 2006.  In a manufacturing engineering role he has been instrumental in bringing new technologies and process online as Price has increased both market share and capabilities.  3D printing has allowed Emer to create unique items that support both the manufacturing processes as well as maintaining uptime on equipment and machinery.

Electronic Manufacturing Services Manager
Price Electronics

As a recent hire to Price Electronics, Jeff brings with him 20+ years in industrial electronics manufacturing.  His experience comes from both smaller private sector companies as well as large corporate entities like GE Transportation and Wabtec Corp.

Staying current and competitive with new manufacturing technolgies and trends has been a neccessity to excel the industry regardless of company size.  Additive manufacturing has certainly been one of the tools that he has utilized to do just this.