Environment Policy Interest Group

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The CME Ontario Policy Interest Groups are a platform for our members to discuss current policy developments with their peers and contribute to CME’s advocacy agenda. Advisory groups are at the front-line of decision-making with high-ranking government officials often attending  the meetings to gather direct feedback from industry.

This group is focused on issues including: approval regulations, air standards & air policy & programs, air monitoring & reporting: waste regulation.  An annual joint meeting is held with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change which will likely take place this year in September.

Why Environment Policy Interest Group?

  • Direct access to government decision-makers
  • Exclusive access to intelligence and insights
  • Best-practice sharing with peers
  • Contributions to CME advocacy directions

Who Can Benefit?

  • Any professional interested in issues related to environment and sustainability policy and legislation
  • Government relations professionals
  • Small Business owners

*Participation in a Policy Interest Group is an opportunity exclusive to CME members.

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