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Manufacturing Fundamentals: Webinar Series


Join CME in these National Webinars built for you. We bring together in-house experts, industry partners, as well as guest speakers to share views and experiences related to timely topics. Session dive deep into different topics so you can uncover bite-size takeaways from all across the country without leaving the shop floor.

Be sure to check the time zone of the session you’re interested in, as webinars take place across Canada. Dates and times vary.



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Partnership with BDO -Essential Insights For Selling Your Manufacturing Business

Whether you’re in the early stages of considering a sale or ready to make the move, this webinar will cover key strategies including understanding the sales process, business value optimization, tax considerations, and identifying potential buyers.

Partnership with BDO - Leveraging Technology for Manufacturers (EN & FR Available)





How Manufacturers Can Leverage Benefits and Pensions as Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Experts from People Corporation shared the pivotal role of employee group benefits in enhancing your manufacturing workforce strategy. In an industry renowned for its skilled labor demands, understanding how to effectively leverage benefits becomes a game-changer. Key topics include an exploration of the factors shaping the manufacturing talent landscape, from skill shortages to the impact of technology on workforce expectations.

Trade Transformation: CARM Navigation and Free Trade Advantages Unveiled

GHY experts share essential insights into two current and critical aspects of trade! First, discover key strategies for navigating the CARM transition. Learn how to adapt to the new Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) system, ensuring your business remains compliant and efficient in cross-border trade. Second, dive into the world of trade opportunities by leveraging free trade opportunities. Gain a comprehensive understanding of free trade agreements and how they can boost your trade prospects. Don’t miss this chance to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cross-border trade.

Driving Innovation: Additive Manufacturing in Today's Exponential Environment

We are thrilled to unveil the next installment of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Advanced Manufacturing Technology webinar / lunch & learn series. The October 10th subject is “Driving Innovation: Additive Manufacturing in Today’s Exponential Environment”.
Join us on this insightful exploration what Additive Manufacturing is, why it’s important in today’s modern manufacturing environment and how it can be used.  We will touch upon real-world applications and success stories demonstrating how companies have utilized this technology. Gain insights from industry leaders who are spearheading this wave of innovation and discover the unparalleled impact that this technology is having on contemporary business.
Launching the webinar with a short introduction will be CME’s own Cameron Huber and Ron Koslowsky. Following them, we’ll hear from key subject matter experts at Precision ADM, innovators in Additive Manufacturing.
Precision ADM is a global engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that uses Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, as a core technology, complemented by multi-axis machining to manufacture high value components and devices for the medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors. Precision ADM has created a comprehensive Advanced Digital Manufacturing™ process which includes Design Support, Engineering, Manufacturing and Finishing. Precision ADM possesses ISO 13485:2016, AS9100 Rev D, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Our session will include a Q&A segment, offering you a chance to interact with an implementation leader, pose questions, and contribute your perspective on the subjects covered. We’ll conclude the event with details about upcoming CME events and opportunities to expand your expertise and network in this rapidly advancing field.
Don’t miss this compelling and educational event as we explore the fascinating area of Additive Manufacturing.  Your participation and insights will make this a conversation to remember.

Lean Fundamentals

First things first – understanding the basics. Lean is a fundamental way of thinking and set of disciplines that have helped many organizations improve their customer experience and bottom line though standard methodologies and people development.  Many of the fundamental tools of lean are focused on working as teams to identify and solve problems faster then you are today.


Come and learn more about Lean to understand if it’s something that can help you. If you’re already familiar with Lean, this will be a good refresher and reminder. We will have a short expert presentation, a manufacturer sharing their experience and some peer-to-peer learning and sharing in this 60 minute informational online session.


Manufacturing Operations Managers at RIMEX

Drawing from his background with the military, Clint has a wealth of experience in training and leadership and has demonstrated those qualities throughout his time at RIMEX. He began his career at RIMEX in May 2017, as a welder in the Small Line wheel department and quickly moved into the role of Branch Coordinator. He travelled to various RIMEX locations and companies across the globe assisting and implementing 5S and Lean standardization. From there, he took on the Plant Manger role at the Langley facility. Clint promoted into the role of Manufacturing Operations Manager in November 2022, where he now oversees both production facilities within British Columbia.


Learn more about RIMEX

Sustainability & ESG as Strategic Imperatives 

Experts from BDO delved into the importance of sustainability and ESG for manufacturers. They discussed how implementing the right strategy can impact critical competitive levers such as talent management, growth enablement, risk management, and access to capital and valuations.

Demystifying ESG Frameworks & Sustainability Regulation

Experts from Aecon Group and BDO Canada discussed the current state of sustainability reporting and what this means for the supply chain. Participants walked away with key steps that manufacturers need to take right now to set their business up for long-term success.

ESG & Financing Panel Discussion

Esteemed experts from BDC, RBC, and BDO Canada adeptly guided participants through the complex connection between ESG and capital requirements. The experts also shared invaluable insights into the most effective best practices and techniques to seamlessly integrate ESG considerations into your business operations.