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Supply Chain Lunch & Learn


Don’t miss the Supply Chain Lunch & Learn, where CME experts, advisors, and special guests deliver bite-sized webinars on different areas of focus that supply chain experts might encounter.

If you work with supply chain, procurement, logistics, purchasing, or operations – we made this for you! Help your business operate more effectively by mastering the complexities the supply chain often delivers.




11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CST




October 19, 2023 - Inventory Management

We all know that our employees are our primary resource – but inventory can be a close second. Inventory management is where all the elements of the supply chain converge. Having inconsistent levels of inventory or having it in the wrong places, can lead to several inefficiencies in your organization.


Things like rising costs for storage and insurance, risk of spoilage, theft or damage can all result in a poor experience for your customer.


In this session, Cory Rosolowich, Operations Manager of AMC Foam Technologies Inc., and Jim Neirinck, Supply Chain Advisor for CME, share their experience. Join us to chat about their challenges with missing parts, shrinking warehouse space, excess inventory, and the solutions that they’ve implemented to fix it. Don’t miss out on this valuable supply chain masterclass.




JUNE 21, 2023 - Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations planning is a best practice solution that starts with creating an unbiased demand forecast, reviewing the feasibility of the plan in the face of supply constraints, and arriving at a constrained operational plan to drive the supply chain operations in the immediate planning horizon. Implementing an efficient and cost-effective Sales and Operations Planning Process brings together all elements of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operations into one integrated set of plans. A well put together supply chain plan interconnects with overall business management and optimizes inventory levels, ultimately resulting in superior customer


Join Jim Neirinck, CME Advisor, and Johnny Bowler, Operation Manager at Russel Metals, to discuss a practical guide to designing and implementing an internal planning process which would improve your value chain planning. Set yourself up for success with help from advisors who have years of experience in manufacturing leadership roles.



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