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Women In Manufacturing (WIM) Symposium: Celebrating Growth

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KEYNOTE - EMILY NICHOLS: One Small Step Toward a Gender-Equal World

EMILY NICHOLS, P. Eng., M.A.Sc (Eng), and S.e.n.s.e. (of Humour)
Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Emcee, ‘Human Skills for Technical People’

Emily Nichols is an engineer who loved working in factories, but she didn’t always love being “one of the guys”. Earnest yet entertaining, Emily explains that words become habits, language evolves, and that we control them both. She shines a light on needlessly gendered language, shares more inclusive alternatives, and implores us to deliberately choose our own words. But she also contradicts herself, pokes fun at her own double-standards and makes it ok for the rest of us to make mistakes. You’ll feel inspired, relieved, and ready to create a gender-equal world, one conversation at a time.


This program is perfect for organizations:


  • striving to be more welcoming and inclusive
  • struggling to recruit and retain women
  • engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, and related industries

Canadian Kraft Paper Panel: Case Study in Employee Attraction & Retention

In Canada, women account for 48 per cent of the labour force but only 29 per cent of the manufacturing workforce. For more than 30 years this job share rate has not changed. So – how did one company in The Pas manage to build a leadership team of predominantly women with decades of industry experience? Meet Canadian Kraft Paper Ltd. The pulp and paper mill, located in The Pas, is a producer of high performance unbleached extensible sack kraft paper, whose products are sold to converters throughout the world.


Don’t miss the chance to hear from their team to talk hiring practices, development opportunities, and management styles used in their town to attract and retain talent – including women, visual minorities, and members of The Pas’ Indigenous community. This panel session is not about women in manufacturing – it’s about the ability of one rural company to approach workplace diversity and inclusivity with an authentic and sustainable approach, which resulted in true inclusion at every level that goes beyond the basic diversity checkmarks. Celebrate these success stories alongside our panel, all of which are unique to industry and to each other.



President, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

Ann’s career spans more than 30 years exclusively in manufacturing with varied experience in business leadership, corporate strategy and financial management. Before joining CKP in September 2017 as CFO, Ann’s career roles have included: VP Finance, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Finance and Administration and General Manager with responsibility for finance, accounting, human resources, production, supply chain and engineering.

Director, Mill Services, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

Tamsin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. As a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, Tamsin is known for driving continuous improvement, maximizing operational excellence, and leading change. She previously held positions of Technical Manager and Process Engineer at the mill in The Pas. She is a certified CME Lean Yellowbelt and Greenbelt and also recently completed Foundation of Trustee Management Standards (FTMS) with IFEBP.

Human Resources Manager, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

Tammy joined CKP as the Payroll Administrator, in 2011, and held various positions within the company, including Payroll Administrator, HR Coordinator and the HR Team Lead. Prior to that, Tammy spent more than 15 years in the Transportation and Aviation Industries where she worked for a Charter/Medivac service located in The Pas, servicing Northern Manitoba Communities. Tammy believes in lifelong learning and continuous professional development in all forms. She completed her Certificate in Human Resources Management with Honors from Red River Polytechnic, holds a Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation from the National Payroll Institute (NPI), is a certified Yellow Belt with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CM&E) and is currently a Chartered Professional of Human Resources (CPHR) Candidate with CPHR Manitoba.

Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

Jackie was hired at the mill in 1997, working in various roles including Payroll, Benefits, Payables, and Accounting in the Lumber and Woodlands Division. In 2006, she obtained her Chartered Professional Accounting designation (CPA/CGA) and in 2011 transitioned over to Kraft Paper. Jackie was key in the transition and turnaround team in 2016 when Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd. (CKP) acquired the mill site, utilizing her analytical and forecasting expertise and putting her management skills to good use. She has since obtained her LEAN Level II Greenbelt Certification from CME and continues to pursue personal and professional development opportunities as they arise.

Jordan Friesen: Mental Health Essentials – Practical Tips for Wellbeing at Work and Beyond

President, Mindset Mental Health Strategy Inc.

What does it take to be mentally healthy? If you’re trying to answer this question, you probably come across new trend, solution, or piece of advice every week. And to be fair, there are so many things that can support your mental health. But what are the essentials? The basic building blocks that each of us can focus on in our daily lives at work and at home? In this interactive session, we’ll learn about the things each of us can do to build a solid foundation for our mental health every day. By distilling best practices from evidence and research, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the key practices and habits that support mental health – the essentials


  • Understand terms like mental health, mental health problem, mental illness, and resilience.
  • Identify 5 essential practices that support your mental health.
  • Learn how connecting with others can support your well-being, and theirs.


JOANNE ZUK: Negotiating in Work (and Life!)

Joanne Zuk
Principal and CEO, Joanne Zuk Leadership and Strategy

It’s time to overcome your fear and build the confidence you need to negotiate a career you love. Negotiation is not just about negotiating your salary. It’s a skill you can use everyday to set effective boundaries, go after opportunities, and build your career to strategically support your goals. During this workshop, we will explore the blind spots that are currently holding you back from navigating the workplace relationships necessary to build the career you want. You’ll learn how to harness your natural strengths and begin leveraging your talents to negotiate for the opportunities, flexibility, and (when the time is right) salary that you deserve. You’ll learn negotiation as a step-by-step process that you can use every day to advocate for yourself, ask for what you need to be successful, and create new opportunities in your career.

Facilitated Networking Session: Connecting with Confidence

Professional and relaxed? Yes! Networking is a professional activity, and we need a professional presence, but it doesn’t have to be awkward and stiff. Add some personality to your interactions and connect with confidence. In this workshop, you’ll spice up your introduction and put it into practice as we build community together with live, in-person networking. Not sure how to keep that human touch when you connect via LinkedIn? We’ll cover that too! Bring along your phone (with LinkedIn installed) and get ready to grow your professional network.


Led by our keynote speaker, Emily Nichols, enjoy this “low-stakes” chance to hone your networking skills.


The Leaf
145 Locomotive Dr
Winnipeg, MB R3P 2N6


January 17, 2024


Members - $365
Non-Members - $415
Students - $40
(All prices are per person, GST extra)



CME’s Women in Manufacturing Symposium is back! Join us for one day of refreshing fun at the Leaf with a side of inspiring keynotes, learning, and professional development sessions – all while engaging and interacting with peers through social and networking events. On top of all of that, finish off your day with complimentary access to explore the nature biomes the Leaf has to offer.

TICKET PRICE INCLUDES – Headshot Bar and The Leaf Biome Access




Women in Manufacturing is a supportive network of collogues, mentors and peers. Not only are we on a mission to help grow the number of women (and others!) who are underrepresented in the manufacturing industry – we also are creating a space to learn from others and build confidence and competency so we all feel at home in our industry. We recommend this event for:


  • Those looking for new strategies to attract and retain women or other underrepresented groups in their workforce
  • Anyone looking to grow their community in industry
  • Those looking to adapt equality and inclusion strategies
  • Anyone exploring a career in manufacturing







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