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Workforce Wellbeing: Supporting Mental Health and Disability in the Workplace 


While we are moving towards a post-pandemic workplace, supporting the mental health and wellness of your employees should continue to be a top priority. How do you keep this momentum going to ensure you are providing the resources needed to keep your workforce mentally happy and healthy?

Join CME on September 14th and learn from the professionals at People Corporation, MaxPeople, and Maple Leaf Foods about what resources you can provide to your employees, how you can integrate these into the workplace, best practices and lessons learned, and more.

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People Corporation, a national leader and provider of group benefits, will offer their expert insights into products and services you can implement to invest in your employee’s mental health, how you can track these investments, and how you can better gauge trends of disability incidents and absenteeism in your workplace.


As a premier HR firm, MaxPeople helps businesses to actively establish workplace policies and programs that foster mental health and well-being in the workplace. They will provide you with practical advice on how to create a work environment that is focused on mental health and wellness, as well as tools and techniques to start the conversation about mental health with your employees.


Becoming a workplace that supports and values mental health and wellness is achievable. Hear from fellow manufacturer Maple Leaf Foods, and learn from their success in implementing their mental health initiatives, including training their leaders on mental health accommodation, platforms and tools for employees, and more.




September 14, 2022


1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. EDT



Jessica Gobran, Senior Director of Disability, Group Solutions, People Corporation









Jonathan Chan, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Group Solutions, People Corporation








Anna Ali, Director of Projects & Strategic Initiatives, MaxPeople








Rafal Bartkow, Managing, Learning & Development, Maple Leaf Foods








Gozde Kazazoglu, Manager, Workforce Policy and Programs, CME (Moderator)