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The Safety Group Program rewards businesses that incorporate prevention measures into their daily practices. The key idea behind the program is that a well-integrated workplace health and safety program makes good business sense. Firms from similar or different businesses volunteer to form a group with a collective purpose: to learn from each others experience in the implementation and continuous improvement of injury and illness prevention programs. At the beginning of each year, businesses select five safety elements that they will initiate or improve upon from the Safety Group’s Achievement List provided by the WSIB. Your business will learn how to implement these initiatives by attending meetings, sharing ideas and pooling resources with other firms in the Safety Group. At the end of the year, the group can receive a rebate, based on the entire group’s success in implementing their selected safety elements. In each subsequent year, a firm is required to maintain their elements from the previous year and pick five new elements.


A. LEADERSHIP (Member Only)

B. Organization (MEMBER ONLY)

C. Hazard Recognition and Assessment (MEMBER ONLY)

D. Control Activities (MEMBER ONLY)

E. Other Policies (MEMBER ONLY)

Safety Group Advantage Program - SGAP (MEMBER ONLY)


  • Training: The fulfillment of the WSIB Safety Group requirements along with a variety of topics such as Return to Work, Claims Management, Workplace Violence, Machine Guarding etc.
  • Access to Professionals: Support and guidance from a variety of sources such as experts from the fields of Health and Safety including the WSIB, Ministry of Labour, Office of the Employer Adviser, EAC, etc.
  • On-site training: In addition to the training offered at each meeting, we can organize specialized training to assist you in completing your elements.
  • EAC and CME Resources: Discounts for EAC and CME conferences and workshops held across the province, publications and up-to-date information.
  • Networking Opportunities: In person at group meetings or by email with participants across Ontario to share best practices, policies and procedures, experiences and the ability to mentor other firms. EAC also maintains a web page exclusively for the Safety Group that includes meeting dates and locations, and handouts.
  • Additional WSIB Rebate: In 2015, the CME EAC Safety Group participating firms received a combined rebate of approximately $8 million.


To participate in the Safety Group Program, your business must:

  • Have commitment from senior management to participate in the program
  • Create and enhance a safety culture in the workplace
  • Be a Schedule 1 firm in good standing with the WSIB
  • Be committed to participating for a least one full calendar year
  • Participate in only one safety group at a time
  • Not be a member of the Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP)


Henry Decloe, Safety Group Specialist

Henry has over 25 years experience in industry, with organizations of all sizes, both unionized and nonunionized, from family run to large international companies. As a Health and Safety Coordinator, some of his hands-on experience includes helping organizations handle the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claims, the Ministry of Labour visits, employee training and preventative measures. Henry has helped implement health and safety management systems and has represented and coached companies in the Safety Group program for the past six years.



Henry Decloe