Machine Operator, Metrie

I have a background in engineering. In my childhood, I was troubleshooting devices, computers, fridges etc. Since then, I had a dream to go into the engineering field and explore this field. So, I did my Bachelors in Electronics and Communications. I have always been interested in machines and robotics. Before moving to Canada, I was the Head of Dept. Electronics at a university back home.

After I moved here, I knew I wanted to continue in manufacturing where I can work with electronics. I got an opportunity with Metrie as Machine operator. In my role, I mostly work with PLCs and electronics. I have loved working at Metrie.

When I moved from the education field to manufacturing, I initially was a little concerned as this was known to be a male dominated field. But I have the attitude that I can do anything and wanted to achieve my dream. I have had a dream of being in electronics and manufacturing field, so I put my focus on it and did not get worried about that. Women now-a-days are into so many diverse fields, electronics, power engineering and so many women drive big crane machines.

What are the biggest barriers you have faced and how did you overcome them?  

When I joined, the biggest challenge for me was dealing with big machines. It requires proper training. There were some challenges when I started as there was so much for me to learn. I also had to learn about the safety guidelines for working with such big machines. So, I focused on all these learnings during my training. Everyday I learnt new things. Good training and your own focus, makes you perfect!

Now having been in this field for a few years, I am confident I can do a good job! With the willingness to learn and proper knowledge, I can fix any machine or trouble shoot any issue that comes up.

What for you has been the most rewarding aspect of working in manufacturing?

The most rewarding thing is that we always get encouraged to do new tasks. We have great mentors and get a lot of support from peers. There is also lots of learning and a strong support system from leadership to do our best.  Our leaders always have our backs.

How has the manufacturing industry changed since you first got interested in this field?

It has changed a lot. There is a lot of growth and great opportunities. Girls are doing very well in manufacturing. Although people say it was male dominated industry, that has changed over the years. There are so many female leaders are coming from manufacturing industries. In manufacturing we get an opportunity to explore so many things and learn so many new skills. Women can do anything they want! I feel it’s very powerful.

What advice would you give other women who are new to manufacturing?

The advice I would give women is – Don’t go with what society wants. Our voices should be heard, and we need more women to come into manufacturing. It is no longer a male dominated industry. There is a lot of diversity and lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Women can do anything that men can do. Don’t limit your opportunities!