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Manitoba is the hub for advanced manufacturing in Western Canada. A collaborative, industry-led initiative, the Coalition for Advanced manufacturing unites every element of the manufacturing ecosystem in an integrated supply chain from the prairies to the coast.


In order for the CAM to effectively carry out our mission, participation by all members is of utmost importance. Member responsibilities include:

  • Exchange information on advanced manufacturing processes, technologies and human capital requirements;
  • Promote collaborative opportunities to develop and commercialize advanced manufacturing processes and technologies that enhance the productivity of Manitoba’s diverse and robust manufacturing industrial base;
  • Develop the human capital required within Manitoba’s industrial and academic ecosystems related to advanced manufacturing; and
  • Provide non-partisan advice to government and other stakeholders.



Ron Koslowsky
Vice President, CME
Greg Dandewich
Senior Vice President, EDW
Bob Hastings
CAM Executive Director



Formed in 2017, CAM aims to raise awareness and coordinate input from Manitoba entities on advanced manufacturing initiatives. Our group unites Manitoba’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem and seeks to speak with one voice on issues affecting Manitoba’s advanced manufacturing environment. Led by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW), and supported by WestCaRD, our work covers a series of projects of varying complexities and scope. Our strength rests in our ability to work together to leverage our resources rather than operating as stand-alone organizations.

Together, we have laid the groundwork: uniting business, service providers, education and government in key areas like attracting investment, building supply chains and creating a responsive education system.

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Despite its enormous potential, manufacturers know that there are hurdles ahead on the road to Industry 4.0. Our work will provide manufacturers with critical tools at subsidized costs and the opportunity to share lessons learned, test new technologies, innovate quickly and integrate supply chains.

Manufacturers will benefit from access to support and expertise to ensure successful adoption from the top down and bottom up, including the changes needed throughout the manufacturing support ecosystem, including government and education. By joining the coalition, manufacturers will be better positioned to understand the ROI on tech investments, leverage new product development for better products, collaborate and get LEAN. There is no cost to participate in the coalition.


Manitoba is a world-class advanced manufacturing hub.


The Coalition includes representatives from Manitoba industry, academia, sector associations, non-profit organizations (NPOs), government agencies, research entities and economic development groups whose focus is manufacturing. Together, we aim to:

  • Continuously improve the productivity and competitiveness of Manitoba’s multi-sectoral manufacturing eco-system;
  • Establish Manitoba as a leader in advanced manufacturing research, innovation and technology;
  • Develop an advanced manufacturing workforce;
  • Leverage government, industry and academic resources to achieve maximum economic impact in the most efficient manner possible; and
  • Sustain and increase high-quality manufacturing employment opportunities in Manitoba.

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