Committee Briefs & Remarks

Remarks: Standing Committee on General Government Bill 66, Ontario’s Competitiveness Act

CME presented to the Standing Committee on General Government on Monday, March 18, 2019 in respect to Bill 66, Ontario's Competitiveness Act.

CME is focused on creating a regulatory system for manufacturers that is simple, transparent and predictable, aligns with business processes, is scientific and outcomes based, and supports growth.  In general, CME supports Bill 66 and believes it is a step towards reducing costs, removing barriers from investment, and harmonizing regulatory requirements with other jurisdictions.

CME highlighted a few of the measures in the bill that are relevant to us, why we supports them, and additional recommendations.

Firstly, CME welcomes the repeal of the Toxics Reductions Act (TRA). CME believes that the repeal of this legislation will eliminate unnecessary regulations that are duplicative with the federal system and will result in better environmental performance for manufacturers.

Second, CME is pleased to see in the Bill that employers would no longer be required to post the Employment Standards Act (ESA) poster physically in the workplace but retain the requirement that they provide the poster to employees in some capacity.

Third, CME welcomes the government proposing a measure to stop requiring a new regulation whenever businesses and  non-profits merge single-employer pension plans into jointly sponsored pension plans (JSPPs). CME is supportive of this measure because it removes one of the hurdles for these mergers that are designed to improve transparency, economies of scale and the sustainability of single-employer plans.

Finally, CME is pleased with the government’s direction to protect industrial lands. Based on the consultation of our members, manufacturers have felt increasingly punished by regulators, especially at the municipal level, for “encroaching” on residential areas.