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Enhanced Executive Support


Enhanced executive support services provide elite support for senior manufacturing leaders. From customized support to one-on-one coaching tailored to your business, CME offers enhanced services to meet your needs. Many small and mid-sized companies cannot afford a board of directors to discuss challenges and advise on issues. But owners and CEOs can benefit from an outside perspective through the eyes of a seasoned business leader. For these companies, CME offers additional executive-level support.

Woman sitting at a boardroom table, chatting with colleagues.

Stock photo - Woman sitting at a boardroom table, chatting with colleagues.

Why Enhanced Executive Support?

What makes CME’s services different from others on the market?

  • Services are for manufacturers, by manufacturers and based on a confidential relationship built on trust
  • The service is not consulting, but rather advisory / mentoring in nature, allowing advisors and manufacturers to work through relevant questions and options together
  • The service allows members to access senior executive perspectives with manufacturing-industry experience. CME’s champions have decades of experience as senior business leaders in the industry and understand manufacturing-specific concerns

Who Can Benefit?

  • Manufacturing owners and executives


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