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Men and women sitting around a boardroom table chatting.

Stock photo- Men and women sitting around a boardroom table chatting.


People are an organization’s biggest asset, yet the root of many organizational issues tend to come from the people.  Many companies, small – to medium – sized businesses in particular, do not have the resources or capacity to have a designated, full time HR professional to look after strategic areas, such as people management. However, these people and areas of management play a vital role in the success of an organization. CME offers quality human resources, so you can focus on driving growth.

BC Consultants

Mary Springer, HR Program Director

Mary is engaged by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association (CME) to deliver a range of Human Resources services for small to mid-sized association members. In her Human Resources career, Mary worked as a HR leader in diverse organizations from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, with industry experience in manufacturing, high-tech, engineering and aviation.


As the HR leader and a member of the Vancouver Management Forum at Creo, Mary led the human resources integration project after Eastman Kodak’s acquisition. Mary was responsible for the HR function in Canada and parts of the US. Her team members included HR Managers, Payroll, Recruiting, Compensation, Benefits, OHS and HRIS.


The CME members are using the program for developing policies and practices, managing employees, coaching managers, investigating complaints and other human resources needs. With the low unemployment rates, the members have heavily relied on Mary’s recruiting expertise to successfully find 100’s of excellent candidates ranging from Shop Helpers to Financial Executives, Engineers, Skilled Trades and Managers.


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Why Human Resources?

  • Advice and full-service in-house recruiting tailored to meet your needs
  • Proactive preparation for future organizational growth
  • Change management programs, design and implementation
  • Workforce planning, management and retention programs
  • Subject matter expertise – Knowledge and advice including Employment Standards, Workers’ Compensation, Human Rights and HR best practices
  • Professional training workshops on various topics (Conflict resolution, Bullying and Harassment Prevention, etc.)
  • Policy development
  • Recruitment, Orientation and onboarding
  • And much more

Who Can Benefit?

  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Start ups
  • Those looking to have a positive impact on their bottom line
  • Businesses looking to build organizational culture
  • Those looking to engage and develop their people