Skills Training

Innovation Engineering


This system-based training is delivered one-on-one, on-site with manufacturers. But first, companies can receive an up-close look at some of the tools and methodology of the program through IEOS Test Drives.

Test Drives are one-day workshops, which provide an overview of the impact of innovation, the system methodology, and why Innovation Engineering will catalyze growth and success within your organization.  Trained facilitators will assist in refining the parameters of the issue or opportunity, lead you through the process of generating meaningfully unique ideas to resolve it, and demonstrate how the cycles of learning guide you to overcoming ‘death threats’ to achieve a successful resolution.

Why Innovation Engineering?

We now compete in a global market — even if our products or services are limited to North America. By taking a Test Drive of the Innovation Engineering system, you will discover a proven way to not only compete and ensure survival, but take your business to the next level.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Manufacturing and exporting leaders interested in developing in-house innovation capability to increase competitiveness of their company for profitable growth;
  • Each Test Drive recommends 2-3 participants per company (to a maximum 15 people per workshop), as the system produces the best possible solutions when applied by a ‘team’;
  • CME now offers customized integration support, including half-day and three-day in-house sessions, as well as full three-month ‘waves.’


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