LEAN Financial Management (Intermediate)


Learn how to apply Lean principles to simplify your accounting processes and eliminate non-value added non-essential activities in this one-day course. Speed up the preparation of financial reports, reduce labour transactions related to products, and level the workload in your financial departments. Learn what the financial effects of Lean decisions are, and why they affect your business.

Male and female coworkers chatting during a meeting.

Stock photo of male and female coworkers chatting during a meeting.

Why Lean Financial Management?

After completing this course, participants will:

  • Be able to implement Lean focused measurements within the organization’s financial department
  • Be able to develop a reporting structure to motivate Lean improvements
  • Understand how to show the financial impact of Lean improvements on growth and profitability of the business

Download Lean Financial Management Brochure

Who Can Benefit?

  • Anyone responsible for recording, evaluating or making decisions based on financial information in a Lean environment.
  • Individuals and organizations who are open to looking at a different approach to financial management, as this course will present an alternate way of looking at your financial system.


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