Human Resources

HR Toolkit


CME’s HR Toolkit assists employers with basic HR practices and support materials for adaptation and use within the workplace. Safety first followed by; Employee Orientation, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, and Job Description guides are all downloadable and can be customized to your organization.  Included in the HR Toolkit are two video resources on an Introduction to Lean Tools and the structured A3 Problem Solving approach.

Video: A3 Problem Solving

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Why the HR Toolkit?

  • Support materials all in one place;
  • How to onboard new employees;
  • Establish procedures to ensure the most talented people are selected;
  • Performance review guide;
  • Develop job descriptions for existing as well as new positions;
  • OH&S guide and resources.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Small to medium sized businesses;
  • Start ups;
  • Those looking to have a positive impact on their bottom line;
  • Businesses looking to build organizational culture;
  • Those looking to engage and develop their people.


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