Confident mid adult engineer examining car chassis at automobile industry. Male supervisor is working on car part in factory. He is wearing reflective clothing.


$2,470 Members
$2,925 Non Members

*excludes GST, includes materials &


September 21 - November 27, 2020
(6.5 days total)

CME office (Large Training Room)
67B Scurfield Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB


September 21 – Mentors Day
September 24– Leaders Day 1
September 25 – Leaders Day 2
October 22 – Leaders Day 3

November 4 - Leaders Day 4
November 26 - Leaders Day 5
November 27 – Leaders & Mentors Day

Please note that employers enrolling employees in the program are eligible for reimbursement of two-thirds of an individuals costs up to $15,000 under the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant. Job grant applications take time to process, so it is recommended you contact your Labour Market Services branch as soon as possible at #1-866-332-5077 or visit the website at:

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