Downtown Toronto business district office buildings looking up at the canadian flag and blue sky


BC’s manufacturers account for 6.9% of all economic activity, generates $53 billion in sales and comprises nearly 59% of exports. The sector makes world-class products right here. All of it proudly built right here by over 165,800 British Columbians.

The reality is that today we live in a global economy. It is a competitive landscape and all parts of the world are competing for BC’s market share. The worldwide recession created by the pandemic only adds to the competitive challenge. But, with the right conditions, the manufacturing sector can not only drive our economic recovery but it and help BC to thrive into the future.


  • 90% of Canadian recognize that manufacturing is a major driver of the Canadian economy.
  • 82% of Canadian think sustaining and stimulation the growth of the manufacturing sector is critical to the economy after learning the contribution of the sector.
  • 84% of Canadians think it’s important for the economy to manufacture more value-added products here at home instead of exporting raw material.


We want manufacturing not just to lead BC’s recovery but to become a world leader in advanced manufacturing and job creation.

That’s why we need policies that will keep our industry competitive and allow it to power our economic recovery. We want to keep jobs and bring prosperity here at home.

Here are 5 steps governments can take to make it easier for BC manufacturers to power our economic recovery:

  1. Expand the development and upgrading of natural resources through improved, clear, and simple regulatory processes.
  2. Use government procurement to encourage research and development, commercialization, and business scale-up.
  3. Introduce investment support programs to help our manufacturing sector make the capital investments that drive tech adoption, improve environmental performance, engage in employee training, and scale-up.
  4. Encourage youth engagement in skilled trades through awareness programs and funding for work-integrated learning.
  5. Permanently remove the PST from machinery and equipment with a long-term plan to create a made in BC Value-Added Tax.


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