10 Steps to grow the Canadian Economy

Canada’s next government needs a comprehensive Advanced Manufacturing Strategy to accelerate growth in the sector and increased prosperity for all Canadians.

Here are 10 steps for the next government can take for a more prosperous Canada.

Solve labour shortageS & DRIVE INVESTMENTS

  • Introduce and modernize investment support programs to make them simple, open to all manufacturers, rooted in the tax system, and focused on tech adoption, environmental performance, employee training, and scale-up.
  • Encourage youth engagement in skilled trades through open-door awareness programs and funding for work-integrated learning.
  • Reform immigration to increase both entry-level and highly-skilled workers coming to Canada.

REDUCE the COSTS OF DOING BUSINESS & increase competitiveness

  • Conduct comprehensive tax reform to reduce the tax burden and ensure Canada’s tax system is focused on investment, exports, and productivity.
  • Work with provinces and territories to reduce the overall regulatory burden and improve certainty and clarity of regulatory practices.
  • Complete a comprehensive internal trade agreement that eliminates all internal barriers to the movement of goods and people.

SEIZING Business Opportunities

  • Expand the development and upgrading of natural resources through improved, clear, and simple regulatory processes.
  • Use government procurement to encourage research and development, commercialization, and business scale-up.
  • Improve export support programs by increasing funding, broadening accessibility, and streamlining processes, through a single entity.
  • Develop practical strategies to open new markets that expand value-added exports while protecting existing integrated North American manufacturing.

I agree with 86% of Canadians who believe we need a stronger manufacturing sector and, support a strategy that strengthens and grows our sector and our economy.


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