Tenaris Connects Local Manufacturing and Rig Direct®

WithRig Direct®, Tenaris provides value to the energy sector by connecting their customers’ operational needs with Tenaris’ advanced domestic manufacturing facilities, network of service centres and technical support teams. Local manufacturing is a critical component to serving North America’s energy market with sophisticated steel pipes and services. Continued investment in domestic manufacturing capabilities enables the products to be designed according to the specific needs of Canada’s oil and gas sector. 

Committed to continuous improvement, innovative technologies and customized solutions for each application, Tenaris uses its local capabilities to ensure safety,quality, reliability, and security of supply for Canadian operators. It starts with a shared set of values and a dedication to advanced domestic manufacturing. 

Safety is at the core of Tenaris’ operations. Providing a safe working environment requires teamwork and collaborative to ensure all employees return home to their families every day. 

Delivering quality products goes beyond value for our customers – it also benefits our community. The safe and responsible development of Canada’s energy industry depends on the reliability and quality of Tenaris’s products.

Tenaris has worked to be a strong community partner for over 18 years. Through long-term investments in STEM education programs, including the University ofAlberta Engineering department DiscoverE program, Tenaris encourages local students to pursue careers that develop the skills Canadians need in an ever-evolving global economy. 

To learn more about Tenaris, visit www.tenaris.com